Happy Birthday to my partner in Crime

Happy Birthday Gayathri


Happy Birthday!! You are one year older…. Yaayy.. Right?

Moving on from that.. (If this letter feels a little rushed, that’s because it is.
I have written nothing in a long time, so this feels awkward.)

There’s a lot I wanna write, but words have failed me. For once, I am at a loss of words. I haven’t been a good friend lately; I haven’t called as often as I’d like. I told you about the surprise “gift” I was giving you for your birthday. Ruining the whole thing. The real surprise was, of course, that there was no gift. (Thanks depression) Sorry about that? I promise yours will be the first pending gift I give once I get my act together.

You’ve always been a good friend, even when I haven’t. Thank you for that. You’ve called me and checked up on me. You’ve visited me and cheered me up in ways I could never express. You listen to my rants, somewhat violent revenge fantasies, and my incessant whining. I know I can be pretty annoying. Yet never once have you made me feel like a nuisance. You’ve understood me so much, sometimes even when I couldn’t. 

You are one of those people who make me believe that there’s hope yet for humanity. You leave an impression on people. So fiercely loyal, uncompromising and a heart of Gold. It’s like the rest of the world is black and white and you are all the colors I can name. You are sky blue when you calm me down. You are scarlet when you are angry. You are the vibrant green of the forests when you listen to the stories I tell you. You are strawberry red when you blush. You are sunshine when you smile. You are lilac when you laugh. You are all the colors I know.

You are one of those people who makes me wish there were more of you in this world. You are unapologetic with your compliments. You speak up for the ones who are overlooked. (Reminds me of Harry a bit) I am so, so lucky to have you in my life. My life is like a series of unfortunate events- yet I was fortunate enough to have you as a friend. 

You know what I am wondering right now? How can a tiny person have so much love inside them? I wish I was brave like you- brave enough to love a world that may only be cruel to us. I really don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t there for me. You’ve strengthened me than I knew I could be. You’ve made me smile more than I know. 

I suppose what I am trying to get at is- I am really glad you were born. You are the reason I still think I am not in the Bad Place …yet. You are the Elenor to my Tahani, the Amy to my Rosa and the Phoebe to my Joey.


Love ya loads

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