To my favourite Good Morning wish

To my favourite Good Morning wish.

There are very few days that I don’t wake up to a good morning text from you.

Dear friend,

There are very few days that I don’t wake up to a good morning text from you. Every day it is the first thing on my phone. Even though sometimes I do tell you ‘good morning’, it’s mostly you. Some days we chat for a bit about our day right before we get into our busy lives. It reminds me of the times we weren’t so busy. Times that we often had fun. I am happy that even though it’s just a couple of minutes, we chit-chat for a while. It may just look like a good morning text to anyone else. But to me it means that you still remember, that sometimes even if we are getting on with our life we find a few minutes, just to check-up, to say hey, to say good morning.

These few months haven’t been the best for me. For any of us. The impending doom of the pandemic, being stuck inside our own houses, sometimes just a room, it hasn’t been wonderful. Most of the days I wouldn’t have the energy to get out of bed. but every morning when I check my phone, I see a good morning text from you and it means a lot to me. I have been in a bit off the grid lately. I don’t always have the time, to call anyone really. If I am being honest, I am too tired all the time, I can’t tell you one reason of course, but there seem to be many. I find it tiresome to talk to say anything at all. If I have to speak honestly, it would suck out all the joy, if I pretend to be happy, I only hurt myself. I figured out the perfect thing to do. Not doing much talking. I suspect you know this too. I mean I have mentioned it a lot of times, quite hard to miss.  

That’s why the good morning means so much. That way I don’t have to talk, but we can still stay in touch. Most importantly, even though I have not been able to do much for you now, you never cease to surprise me. To me that good morning text is a thoughtful gesture, it is a how are you, it is an are you okay, it is everything that I need to remind myself that today is yet another day. Thanks for reminding me that even though things may seem difficult now, I still have some people who have got my back. Thanks, for thinking of me every morning. I think of you too. Thanks for being my friend. I do notice it daily, even if I don’t say, much. Mostly because, it is the only good morning text that I receive daily, quite hard to miss.

How have you been lately? How are you holding up? Do tell me, even though I don’t ask you often. It may seem awkward, but you will get used to it if you aren’t already. How’s everyone in the family? How is the job? What are your plans and ideas? What’s going on with you? Do tell…

Oh! I almost forgot. Good Morning to you too…

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