letter-to beautiful u

To the beautiful you

To the beautiful you

Hey there 🐒!
So this is gonna be one long ass message.

I don’t know what to say to cheer you up.
I wish I could tell you everything will be fine and you should cheer up and you’d be able to be happy and chirpy like the old you I know. But its not that simple. Life never is.
So this long message is because I don’t know how to say it the short way.

First of all, I am sorry that this is happening to you. You don’t deserve this shit, from anyone. There’s a reason I always say this. You are an inherently good person. Now usually I would go about proving my point all emotionally, using poetic language. Not today. This is not about my writing skills or making you feel better momentarily. So this time it’s pure logic. Buckle up.

First I would like to define some qualities that make a good person.
‌No discrimination

I could go on. But I guess I should stop here it’s not a competition. So now let’s take a look at you.
You are honest, I know that because you don’t lie even when it’s easier to lie, I’ve seen you tell the truth.

Next let’s define integrity right? So what exactly is integrity? I would say integrity is doing something the way they said they’d do at the time they said they would do it. So you have integrity. You don’t say yeah I will do it and then just fuck off. You would painstakingly do even the most boring task IF you had committed to it.

Courage! Ofcourse you are brave. I mean bravery doesn’t mean absence of fear, it’s being really really scared and still wanting to try. That willingness you do have. So you are brave and courageous.

Discrimination based on caste, creed, gender, social status, sexual orientation all these are terrible behaviours and I have never seen you doing any of these things. So I am proud of you

Loving. You are loving, you may not say I Love you a lot but you do show the people who you love, that you do love them. So actions speak louder than words.

Loyalty is something I am gonna focus on because being your friend for 7 years I feel like I am a good judge of your loyalty. So you have been a loyal friend and have never betrayed me or never let me feel bad . You have constantly cheered me up and I adore you for that. You are loyal to all the people you love and that’s a good person quality.

You are kind and helpful obviously. I mean I can’t actually give you an exact number of all the times you’ve helped me out by being kind enough. And it’s not just me. You have helped a lot of people even when they haven’t been nice to you, even when they don’t deserve your kindness.

Optimistic. Hmmm. That’s probably not the best example now, but you can be pretty optimistic to some things.

So anyway if a good person can be defined by a number of qualities and you have all those qualities it logically follows that you are a good person.
IF A=B and B=C THEN A=C.
That’s my argument of why I say you are a good person.

Now comes the next point being good means you deserve good stuff too. So you might say does it?
It does . It does ! If you had a friend who’s a really good person would you wish that person had the best life or would you think ” She’s good alright, but that doesn’t mean she deserves the best”. No of course you don’t. Coz you are not a fucking psychopath. So why are you so unkind to yourself? Please be kinder. Not Kinder Joy © .

Now I want to talk to you about all the stuff that has been happening to you. Is it fair? Hell no!! I am angry at the unfairness of it. So I can imagine how you must feel. Maybe I can’t because how can I ? There are obviously so many conflicting emotions that you experience on a daily basis.

Last thing I want to talk to you about is self worth. Even if I didn’t think all these things about you, these things are all a part of you. You are still this awesome person, and more importantly a good person. Not because I said so or anyone else said so. Because you are. I want you to remember that daily, hourly or how frequently you need to be reminded that frequently set a reminder if you must. Just remember you are a good person who deserves good things.

Now things are fucked up. I know. But that doesn’t matter it can’t get better. Because it will. Nothing stays the same. In all my 25 years of life I’ve noticed that things are gonna be okay for a while and things are gonna be definitely not okay for a whole lot of time too. We will feel like giving up. We will feel like giving up on things that we love, on ourselves, on our friends, on our partners, on life. But when things get difficult take some rest, build some strength, and wait it out. Don’t give up when you are tired. Don’t stop because you feel exhausted, stop when you are done. So when you feel overwhelmed, when you feel like your existence is causing others pain and worry, remember your existence has brought joy and happiness and peace to people too. You have personally made me feel a lot better by just existing. So when these thoughts enter your head remind yourself that this wont last either. Wait it out.

Also a lot of people including me would be saddened by anything that’d happen to you. You are a wonderful human being, who deserves the best I may not be equipped (no no not that equipment) to give you everything you deserve but you are a fighter, you deserve only the best and you are gonna get it just wait it out, time will solve and heal.
Stay strong and stay peaceful.

This took a long time to think and type it out but I’ve been wanting to say this for a while.
I know words can’t help you out now, but I am hoping it might help you when you feel a lil low.

Love ya loads.

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