An incomplete list (of things I’d miss)

An incomplete list (of things I'd miss)

The posters on my wall,
my bookshelf and the hundreds of stories that live within,
the morning sun,
the warmth of a cup of tea,
the cosiness of my morning coffee,
the smell of fresh linen,
the fluffiness of my pillows,
the aroma of the scented candles,
the songs that make cry, smile or dance,
the sound of rain,
movies about nothing much but make our souls happy,
the feeling of sinking into my bed,
the softness of the bedsheets,
long hugs,
walking around holding hands,
night sky,
the sea,
holding a pen,
eating icecream,
waking up in the morning and sleeping for five more minutes,
drinking hot soup when sick,
getting a haircut,
the smell of crayons,
evening walks,
talking to my friends,
standup comedy,
Falling asleep,
dreaming of strange lands


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