Friend or Fiend

Friend or Fiend

Words as sweet as honey,

Smile as bright as the Sun.

Yet your eyes betray you,

even as the words leave your lips.

“Call me if you need anything.”


I won’t.

Your vacant eyes mirrored a truth,

that you never had courage to utter.

Your eyes were begging me not to,

Even as you said otherwise.


You have two faces,

I have discovered.

One of that smiles at me,

while the other stabs me from behind.

Are you a friend or foe?


Why lie?

Why say things you don’t mean?

Whose judgement do you fear?

What are you afraid of?

Will it shatter your idea of you?


Do you believe yourself to be

the good Samaritan?

One who helps your friends,

in their hour of need?

Where were you when I needed you?


Don’t bother answering.

Your words are poisonous as nightshade.

Your smile as treacherous as the devil.

Your eyes are that of a coward

who hides behind hollow words.


I only have myself to blame,

for I should have known.

How actions speak louder than words.

A good enemy is still,

better than you, a bad friend.



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