As the rain poured down,

I looked out the window.

Pitter patter of the raindrops trying to lure me out.

How I wish I could step out in the rain.

A flash of lightning lit up my room.

Shadows on the wall seem to be dancing.

I am struck by a fear I can’t explain.

I like the rain, I like the thunder.

I like the cool breeze that ruffles my hair.

But I can’t go out, no matter what.

I could hear the wind call my name.

I can only look through the bars, hands outstretched.

The grass never looked greener.

The sky so clouded, like a frowning face.

From beneath those clouds, the sun was shining.

The trees were singing a different song altogether.

I grip the bars in a futile attempt to resist the urge to step outside.

It looked like everything I wanted was just outside my window.

Just out of reach, for I am but a prisoner here.

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