That day

That Day

There’s a picture I really like

It’s my favourite photo of me.

I look really happy and young

It was from a vacation I think

Hanging around with my friends

Clicking away on our phones

I don’t remember when it was taken

Must have been at sunset though

That’s what the shadows tell me.

It must have been Spring.

I can see the flowers behind us.

It must have been a perfect day

I can’t see any clouds in the sky

It must have been one of the best days

My smile is wide and my eyes are twinkling

But I don’t remember

the noises of the cars that passed by

Not the jokes that made me snort,

or the smell of the tulips.

I thought these pictures would help

So I kept clicking away

Recording every moment 

Looking back I now realise

Life is much more richer

When it is not viewed through a lens

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