The race

The race

I’m running through this endless path,
trying hard to hold my head high,
desperately hoping to defy my death,
As my long awaited end is nigh.

I’m celebrating my narrow escapes
Like I’m the champion of a race
When I’m broken to a thousand pieces,
Tired and can’t keep up the pace.

I keep running and chasing my dreams
Like a broken kite into the sky
Only to topple down by sticks & stones
And to bow my head down shy.

I looked at everyone ahead of me,
what they have and where they are.
I looked at myself only to see my plea
For help and my failures and despair.

I was nowhere near where I should be
I had nothing close to what I wanted
I was as weak as weak can be,
Slow as a snail,not something I planned.

My bleeding foot stopped the sprint
Against all the pleas of my mind.
Cursing my legs and without a hint,
I looked around and felt the wind.

I stood there still, awe struck
As the twilight mesmerized me,
The magical shades of orange and pink
Filled the sky with charm and glee.

The tender green grass and tall trees
Danced in the wind like best friends,
The flowerbeds spread out mattress
For playful kids and tired travellers.

The stream scattered on the rocks,
split ways to meet again in the ocean
The kids held hand with the mothers
And in their eyes, I saw great devotion

With wide open eyes and a sigh
I laid on the grass with open arms,
Hummed a song as i watched the sky
And smiled as I forgot the lyrics.

Maybe I don’t have to win the race
And it was okay to take a brake,
everyone’s running a different race
And their beginnings , not alike.

Open your eyes and look around
Feel, express, cry, laugh and show mercy
Perceive everything you can find
It was never about the end, but the journey.

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