The Search

The Search

All my life I’ve been searching,
for things that’d bring me joy.
I’ve travelled long, and I’ve travelled far.
I’ve been waiting and watching
for my cue to laugh and enjoy.

Those that went before me warned me
of the perils and the dangers.
I swore to keep them in mind
I heeded their plea
Even though we were but strangers.

I stopped by the woods on a snowy evening.
I waited and waited, but no enlightenment came.
Only the shame of a wasted day plagued me.
I was still filled with a deep yearning
for which I didn’t know whom to blame.

And when two roads diverged in a yellow wood.
I took the one less travelled by
Hoping it would make all the difference
But I don’t think it did any good.
All I can do is wonder why.

I am tired of all the wandering
Happy or not, I want to rest.
The quest for happiness has left me drained.
What did I miss I can’t help wondering.
Even though I’ve searched from East to West.

The answer comes to me in a dream
I am not even that surprised.
Everything I was searching for was within myself.
Annoying though it may seem.
I was just mesmerized.

Happiness can’t be given.
Not all answers are written.
Some come to us when we nap!!
Some are revealed to us in a vision.
Some are in the plain sight, hidden.

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