What Poem Are You?

What Poem are You?

People are a bit like poetry,

Beautiful and sometimes unfinished.

Elegant words that make you smile

Rhymes which sound clever,

Phrases that make us wonder,

what they really mean.

Alliterations are always appealing,

Metaphors that draw,

an unusual comparison

between two unrelated objects.

Onomatopoeias begin with a Buzz!

and end with a Boom!

Similes like sweets bring,

a smile to our faces.

Much like people,

they are diverse in kind.

Each one unique and poignant.

Haiku that’s just

made up of three lines.

Almost like that friend,

who barely speaks,

but makes every syllable count.

Free verse, like this one.

Is that girl who never stops talking.

Or even a sonnet, a little song.

Complete with iambic pentameter.

Like that guy who sounds so sweet.

But is probably too sophisticated,

to grab a beer and have fun.

It could be a Limerick,

That’s funny and even rude at times.

A bit like that old college mate,

who wasn’t that well mannered.

Maybe an Ode,

An Elegy or even a Ballad.

They are all people you’ve met,

Perhaps known all your life.

But make no mistake,

poems are a lot of work

For you never know, 

what they really mean
When you first read them.

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