Major-character-death, Angst, and a Bad Epilogue

Major-character- death, Angst, and a Bad Epilogue.

Why is it that when we watch some movies or series the ending leaves us wrecked?

Why is it that when we watch some movies or series the ending leaves us wrecked? The ending feels like a punch in the gut? There is no satisfaction, only a vague sadness, combined with the worst thoughts ever? Why does it feel like our friends died? Who then is responsible for our pain? The writers? The showrunners? The Channel? Or is it us for investing so much in mere fictional characters?

I have loved and watched many series and movies so I know what it is like to get attached to the characters. Why they are important is no mystery to me. Still, many people say things like, ‘It’s just a movie/book’, ‘they are fictional’, ‘You know they are not real right?’ This is for them. When I watch a series, movie, or even read a book, I do so to escape reality, to be away from a sometimes bad and depressing life. To getaway, it’s my magic portal, it’s my escape route, it’s how I forget reality. Those ‘characters’, become family, friends, and more importantly a part of me. I have learned lessons, they made me who I am today. So no, they are not just characters, not to me, not to many more like me. Maybe when I tell you about how I loved a book or movie or show and urge you to read or watch it remember you may understand me a little bit better if you do. You may see me in those characters, or perhaps you may see them in me.  

The fictional world has helped me through many tough spots in my life by offering an alternate reality where my problems seemed simpler. Saving the world from evil wizards or from evil aliens seems way more important than anything I have ever done. Yet those journeys were sometimes the best. So the writers owe it to us to give us a decent ending. Because to us, they are not mere characters. Before killing off beloved characters for shock value or giving us an unexpected ending, they owe it to us, the audience, who have watched these characters, loved them, and grew with them, placed them in our lives to give us closure, a happy ending or even a satisfying ending at the very least. Because sometimes we associate ourselves with these characters and it kills us when they don’t get the life they deserve. Because we see ourselves in them. Do we not deserve a happy ending either? 

Side note: If you have seen or loved Supernatural do not watch the last three episodes. I made that mistake, imagine that everything ends well and no one gets hurt. And they lived happily-ever-after.

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