Thoughts I have while reading.

Thoughts I have while reading

One of these days, I will successfully predict who killed the victim in an Agatha Christie novel, and I will be unstoppable

1) What is going on? 

This is my default question when I start reading. Sometimes the book is a little slow, and the ‘story’ doesn’t begin right away. Other times we are placed smack in the middle of all the action, and we have no idea what’s going on until we have read a considerable amount. So no matter the book type, what is going on is my first thought.

2) Tell your friends the truth.

When characters make the horrible mistake of lying to their friends, I can’t help but mentally scream at them. We can see that this will definitely come back to bite them, it’s so apparent, yet they lie. Why?

3) If you are eavesdropping, listen to the whole thing.

Too often, a character eavesdrops on another and hears only the first part before jumping to conclusions. Why wouldn’t they listen to the whole conversation? 

4) Why am I stuck in a world where there is no magic?

Why did this happen to me? I mean, I could have gotten a letter to Hogwarts or found the cupboard to Narnia or the Grishaverse, or become a demigod or a shadow hunter. But no, I am here in the real world!

5) Woah, I did not see that coming!

Most of the twists leave me with my mouth hanging open. I silently applaud the author for having such a brilliant idea. Also, for reals, how do they come up with these twists.

6) I am hungry!

Reading about the mouth-watering delicacies or the freshly baked scones with lemonade just makes m stomach growl. I end up opening the refrigerator unsuccessfully to see if I can find a scone that magically appears since the last time I opened it. Which is every one hour or so.

7) Teeaaa!

I drink an embarrassing amount of tea when I am reading. There is just something so immensely satisfying about sipping hot tea and reading. It’s perfection! 

8) I am her!

Sometimes I have read something a character does and almost flung my book across the room because THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I DO!! Many a time, I have identified so much with characters in books that I am starting to suspect I have questionable morals. 

9) Called it!

Once in a blue moon, I suspect the twist from the beginning. Then I feel so smug! I knew it, I knew he was the killer, I knew the boy was lying, I knew she was the mother, and I am so pleased with myself. One of these days, I will successfully predict who killed the victim in an Agatha Christie novel, and I will be unstoppable!

10) Just one more chapter.

This is a lie. I will only stop reading when there are no more chapters! If it’s a series, I might start the next book immediately. Yet, this is the lie I tell myself as I open the book at night, sacrificing my sleep. For brief moments after I have finished the book at the cost of sleep and food, I feel worth it. Then I realise it’s the next day and I have work.

11) Please don’t die.

When I read a book, I often take a liking to side characters who may not make it to the end of the book. I silently hope the author will no kill them off or, worse, expel them. (Happens sometimes)

12) I wanna see how this ends, but I don’t want the book to be over.

It’s ironic; you can’t see how a book ends if you don’t finish it. But if you finish it, it’s over. It’s a catch 22 situation.

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