[Redacted] Pre-school.txt

Filename: AUD-1212202-WA0001.mp3

Given below is the transcript of the audio file obtained at the site. Some words were indecipherable. The transcriber has filled in with the most plausible word in case of inaudible words and added accurate translations wherever possible when the speaker spoke in a different language. Due to the nature of the file, to protect privacy and out of respect for everyone involved and, names, places, etc have been censored.

Filename: AUD-1212202-WA0001.mp3

[Audio starts]

Speaker 1: [Redacted] should be here soon… I am recording this in case we don’t make it in time. That’s the fear talking I know. But this isn’t a risk I can take. There are about twenty more (inaudible) in here…

Mom has been texting me for the past 15 minutes. How can I leave them here and go? Everyone else at the daycare already left. It’s just me and around 20 kids in here. Their parents couldn’t make it here I guess…

I can take my car and leave if I want, but I have to… (inaudible)… I have to..(sniffling).. leave the kids behind… Some of them are only 2 years old… the oldest is 4 years. …I-

(Footsteps approach)
(murmuring child’s voice, indistinguishable)

Speaker 2: [Redacted] are you crying? Is it because [Redacted] hit you too? Have a candy.

Speaker 1: Oh! Sweetie.. (clears throat) I am okay. I am okay (cries)

[Audio ends]

[Audio starts]

Speaker 1: A couple just came to pick up their kid.. (sniffles).. they asked me if I wasn’t going. They said there’s not much time. They offered to take a few kids from the neighborhood. They took 4 kids. Now it’s 17 kids and me.. …. I have been trying to reach the fire brigade.. all lines are busy… The news said they don’t know how long we have…(deep breath).. that was around 5? 10? minutes ago. …
The lines are all down… I can’t call my mother anymore…Calls are not going through… I have been trying to get to the fire station (shaky breath)

(Indistinct chatter: murmuring kids)

Speaker 1: No, no, [Redacted] don’t climb on the desks.. [Redacted]…Please… Please sit down…
I have to go now… I will (inaudible) later…

[Audio ends]

[Audio starts]

Speaker 1: I took them out into the playground to play, it was nice outside.. you can’t really see anything unusual yet… it looks a little foggy? Other than that it looks.. (inhales)… it looks like a very normal day… They are all a little tired from playing on the swings… so –

Speaker 1: Son, no. (translated: a term of endearment, accurate translation not available) no.. don’t eat the chalk (shuffles)

(inaudible muttering)

Speaker 1: .. (sighs)… there’s no food here …they ate all the snacks they bought… Oh… I have some chocolate and biscuits here … I will be back after distributing them…

(footsteps retract)

I hope I have enough.. (voice fades)

(footsteps approach)

I’d better turn it off.. don’t want to run out of battery.. (sighs)

[Audio ends]


[Audio starts]

Speaker 1: I bought this recorder so I can record what each parent says and write it down so that I don’t forget…well.. it is useful now.. it feels like I am talking to someone even though … (sobs)

[Audio ends]


[Audio starts]

Speaker 1: There were enough biscuits for everyone… I have put them to sleep now… well all except [Redacted]… but she’s looking at the picture books… I hope she goes to sleep soon…I don’t want her to be awake .. (shaky breath).. awake when.. it happens…

[Obscure shouting]

Speaker 2: (Yelling)… IS THERE ANYBODY IN HERE?

Speaker 1: In here… (footsteps)…

Hi, brother (translated: honorifics which stand for someone older, accurate translation unavailable) Sorry, I didn’t hear you, the kids are asleep.. could we step out?

Speaker 2: … okay…

[Audio ends]


[Audio starts]

Speaker 1: He thought someone was trapped in here. He said that the exit roads are all blocked. No one is going anywhere … there’s traffic .. people are trying to leave the cars and walk .. (exhales).. there’s not much to do.. we won’t be able to get far enough anyhow. … I suppose no one can get in here to help… (inhales).. they’d.. be stu-st-stuck here too…

[Redacted] said he was coming to pick up, the last time I called… I hope…I hope.. (sniffles)… I hope he didn’t get close enough… I hope he’s safe.. (sobs)

(continues sobbing)

[Audio ends]


[Audio starts]

(loud shrieks can be heard in the background)

Speaker 1: I gave them the chocolate I had left… I let them play as they want in the art room… damnnit… let them play…let them enjoy.. before… before…

[Audio ends]


[Audio starts]

(inaudible chatter)

Speaker 1: Everyone, say bye…

Speaker 2: Bye to whom? Only we are here [Redacted]

Speaker 3: Are we going somewhere?

Speaker 1: No… we are sleeping here today okay everyone?


Speaker 1: What did we do today?

(overlapping indistinguishable yelling)

Speaker 1: One by one… one by one… yes … [redacted]… what did we do?

Speaker 4: We ate candies for dinner.

Speaker 5: We played for a long time…very long time

Speaker 6: We are not going home?

Speaker 1: It’s a sleepover…(sniff)

(loud chatter)

Speaker 1: Say bye and good night…

Chorus: Bye… good night

Speaker 1: I am sorry… I am sorry.. that’s the best I could do.

[Audio ends]


[Audio starts]

Speaker 1: It’s evening now, so late… I can’t believe no one else came… they probably couldn’t reach on time.. they are probably stuck in traffic… these are really good kids.. they deserve better…
They played so many games… I sang many songs… now they are sleeping…I hope they are asleep when .. when.. (sniffs)

Speaker 1: I don’t know .. how people will find this…I started recording because the last thing I saw on my phone before the network went off was [Redacted] asking us to record everything and leaving it for people to find (sniff)… so that they can know..what’s happened to us…She’s really famous on Youtube her channel is called [Redacted].. she makes funny things .. … she lives around here I think… I didn’t know…
I wonder if she got out…
I should put the recorder in a plastic bag? Bury it? I don’t know (translated: it can be assumed that the subject was talking to herself)

[Audio ends]


[Audio starts]

Speaker 1: The funny thing is I grew up in [Redacted] … I used to walk past this dam..I cannot believe it broke, [Redacted] is such a beautiful place, now it will just be water, the reporter said.. (sniff).. reporter said… nothing was left… it is.. was.. (sniff) such a beautiful place..

It’s not so funny now.. (translated)

I am gonna sleep as well..

[Audio ends]


[Audio starts]

Speaker 1: (whispering) I can hear the water..I think.. I think this is it..

I will wrap this in plastic and then …in some cotton from the plushies… then .. (inaudible)

At least the kids are all sleeping (sniff)
I am scared (sniff)
I can hear the water now..(sniff)

Bye… I will watch over the kids (sobbing)

[Audio ends]


Fatal casualties: 18 (Adult: 1, Children: 17)

Bodies recovered: 0

This recording is a part of the various documentations made by the victims themselves of the events that transpired in [Redacted].

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