[Redacted] Pre-school.txt Filename: AUD-1212202-WA0001.mp3 Given below is the transcript of the audio file obtained at the site. Some words were indecipherable. The transcriber has filled in with the most plausible word in case of inaudible words and added accurate translations wherever possible when the speaker spoke in a different language. Due to the nature of […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Summoning Demons

“If the grey stone walls of Silver Oak Institute could talk they would tell you about the things that happened there. Fortunately or unfortunately magic walls that talk are the least of its problems.”

My firefly

“Do you have a lot of friends?”His smile widened. He held both of his palms to the front and started counting- “Sami, Meena, revathy, selvam, Muthu, pavizham, Raj” and folded each of his fingers as he spoke their name and after a small pause he added “kayathri” . My firefly Before I had death anxiety, […]


Then she leaned in closer and asked, “Do you want to know a secret?” I nodded too horrified to speak.  Enlightment The rhythmic chug chug of the train filled my ears. Also the incessant chatter of the man in aquamarine t-shirt. The lady in the yellow saree pretends not to notice. I do too. I […]

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