An incomplete list (of things I’d miss)

An incomplete list (of things I’d miss) The posters on my wall,my bookshelf and the hundreds of stories that live within,the morning sun,the warmth of a cup of tea,the cosiness of my morning coffee,the smell of fresh linen,the fluffiness of my pillows,the aroma of the scented candles,the songs that make cry, smile or dance,the sound […]


[Redacted] Pre-school.txt Filename: AUD-1212202-WA0001.mp3 Given below is the transcript of the audio file obtained at the site. Some words were indecipherable. The transcriber has filled in with the most plausible word in case of inaudible words and added accurate translations wherever possible when the speaker spoke in a different language. Due to the nature of […]

Upside Down

Upside Down When I woke up one day,I found my world upside down.I was terrified,I was hanging by the chandelier.Everyone around me was,going about their day.Unaffected while I,I cried and clung to the chandelier,too afraid to let gofor fear of crashing,and cracking open my skull.Hands numb with painI watched wordlesslyas the world continued to go […]

My Pottermore Results

My Pottermore Results If you are like me and enjoyed Harry Potter series as a kid then you have definitely wondered where the Sorting Hat would place you. In Gryffindor, where the brave of heart dwell? Perhaps in Hufflepuff where everyone is just and loyal? Or in Ravenclaw with those of wit and learning? Maybe […]

The Sound of Silence

The Sound Of Silence I closed my eyes and listened For that which is christenedsilence, it still had a sound.You’ve not fully lived,until into the sound of silence you’ve dived. The nonstop honking of the cars,can probably be heard among the starsIs this the sound of our silence now?The bikes, the buses, the trains,endless chatter fills our […]

The Search

The Search All my life I’ve been searching,for things that’d bring me joy.I’ve travelled long, and I’ve travelled far.I’ve been waiting and watchingfor my cue to laugh and enjoy. Those that went before me warned meof the perils and the dangers.I swore to keep them in mindI heeded their pleaEven though we were but strangers. […]

What Poem Are You?

What Poem are You? People are a bit like poetry, Beautiful and sometimes unfinished. Elegant words that make you smile Rhymes which sound clever, Phrases that make us wonder, what they really mean. Alliterations are always appealing, Metaphors that draw, an unusual comparison between two unrelated objects. Onomatopoeias begin with a Buzz! and end with […]

A letter from the past.

A letter from the past. Live in the fantasy world. Live with the fictional characters. Live a hundred lives. But at the end of the day go to bed as you. Disclaimer: On 31st December of 2019 I wrote myself a letter/ email and send it to the future using a site called future me. […]

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