The Sound of Silence

The Sound Of Silence

I closed my eyes and listened 
For that which is christened
silence, it still had a sound.
You’ve not fully lived,
until into the sound of silence you’ve dived.
The nonstop honking of the cars,
can probably be heard among the stars
Is this the sound of our silence now?
The bikes, the buses, the trains,
endless chatter fills our brains.
Mobiles go beep beep beep,
birds cry out chirp chirp,
waves crash and the rain pours down.
A minute of silence is impossible to keep,
for the world never goes to sleep.
Listen closely, listen well.
Hear the thump-thump of your heart beating?
Do you hear the sound of your uneven breathing?
Silence does have a sound after all.
It is the sound of life.

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